July 2015 AGA Highlights

Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2015

July 2015 General Council Highlights and Resolutions

The General Council meets at least 3 times a year.  The Annual General Assembly is held in Brooks Brook every July.  The following are some of the highlights of the discussions at the General Assembly.

On July 8, 2015 Chief Carl Sidney and Clara Jules, Mayor for the Village of Teslin signed a 10 year Teslin Community Development Plan .   Since 2007, both governments have been working together towards common community goals. The two governments collaborated in developing an integrated community development plan that addresses common community development needs while respecting each others jurisdiction. Resolution 3-2015 Community Development Plan  (PDF)

The leadership selection committee will present a final report and leadership selection options to the General Council at the November 2015 General Council meeting. Resolution 4-2015 Development of Leadership Options (PDF)

The General Council supports the Executive Council's recommendations to change the eligibility requirements, percentage and application period under the Residency Grant program. Resolution 5-2015 Residency Grant Program (PDF)

The General Council supports the sustainability of the Yukon River Chinook Salmon ("Chinook") to ensure there is salmon for future generations to harvest. Resolution 9 2015-Chinook Salmon Conservation (PDF)         

Executive Council continues to participate in the engagement process and express Teslin Tlingit Council's opposition to the development of a large hydroelectric dam on the Teslin River. Resolution 10 2015-YDC Construction of Hydroelectric Dam  (PDF)

The Housing Committee review includes consultations with all the Clans and the Teslin Tlingit Citizens.  The Housing Committee will continue to operate in accordance with the Housing Committee Resolution 11A-2015 Housing Terms of Reference (PDF)  Resolution 11-2015 Housing Committee Mandate Review (PDF)

The General Council approved the establishment of a full time youth support worker, as part of the Teslin Tlingit Health and Social department staff and that the same individual serving in this youth support position would also be designated as the Executive Youth to serve on the Executive Council. Resolution 12 2015-Establishment of Youth Position (PDF)

In accordance with the principles of Ha Kus Teyea, the General Council confirmed that the low level voluntary harvesting restrictions of the moose in the Nisutlin region continues each hunting season until there is evidence that confirms that the moose are sustainable. Resolution 14 2015-Moose Management Reduction (PDF)

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