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Have you considered a career as a Peacemaker?

Peacemakers hold a high level position in the community. They help shape Tlingit law and the development of our Nation. TTC have a training program for Citizens who fit the criteria above and are interesting in becoming a Peacemaker. The training program is delivered through the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC).

According to Section 15.2 of TTC’s Peacemaker and Justice Council Act (2011) to be eligible for appointment as a Peacemaker, a person must:

  • be a TTC Citizen;
  • have a working knowledge of the traditional values and customs of the Teslin Tlingit;
  • be fluent in the Tlingit language or have a willingness to learn the Tlingit language to attain fluency;
  • be resident in Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory, or willing to re-locate to that territory to serve as the Chief Peacemaker;
  • successfully completed the credentials prescribed by the Teslin Tlingit Justice Council;
  • be recognized as a postive role model in the Teslin Tlingit community, which includes living a healthy lifestyle; and
  • satisfy any other criteria as recommended by the Justice Council.

For more information about the training process TTC Citizens can contact the Justice Department on 867-390-2532 ext. 400

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