The Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) recognizes the importance of safe and affordable housing. TTC provides support to all Citizens living on Settlement Land to fulfill their housing needs as homeowners and/or tenants by offering a housing program that meets the needs of most of its Citizens. 

The Capital and Infrastructure Department works to provide adequate and safe housing for TTC Citizens and staff by providing rental units, encouraging home ownership and facilitating renovations when appropriate.

Housing Policy

The TTC Housing Policy was approved in principle by the TTC General Council (GC) on July 12, 2016 Resolution # 2016-005, and approved by the Executive Council on July 19, 2016.

This Policy applies to all TTC Citizens, the family members of Citizens, the TTC staff and all housing units that the TTC own. The TTC Market Based Housing Policy will apply to any units approved for a mortgage under the First Nation Market Housing Fund Program.

For more information refer to the TTC Housing Handbook.

Rental Units

A Rental Housing Unit is a detached, semi-detached or an apartment unit that is owned by the TTC. The TTC provides rental housing that is safe and affordable to its Citizens and in the spirit of Haa Kusteeyí.

To be eligibe for a rental unit from TTC you must:

  • Have a TTC affiliation - adult Citizens or Adult non-citizens with Citizens dependents  and/or TTC employees;
  • If you have debts with TTC, you must have entered into and are honoring a repayment plan with TTC Finance; and
  • be willing to sign a Rental Tenancy Agreement and abide by its terms and conditions.

Get you application form here or visit the Capital and Infrastructure Department in Teslin. 

 For information, refer to the TTC Housing Handbook.

Purchase of a Rental Unit

Citizens may be eligible to purchase a rental unit. If a rental unit is available for home ownership, TTC will post an Expression of Interest to give the chance to Citizens who previoulsy rented the unit to express their intrest in purchasing it. 

 For information, refer to the TTC Housing Handbook.

Housing  Grant

The objective of the Housing Grant is to create opportunities for TTC Citizens to build, purchase or renovate their own homes by financially assisting those eligible. The Housing Grant is limited and therefore grants will be allocated to those who demonstrate the ability and willingness to contribute their own resources to ensure completion of the home.  Grants will be limited to the cost of construction, purchase or renovation in cases where the standard grant exceeds actual costs. Grant recipients must commit to home ownership.

 Market Based Housing Program

The TTC Market Based Housing Program provides affordable mortgage loans to qualified TTC Citizens that wish to construct, purchase, renovate or refinance their home on TTC Settlement Lands. The TTC Market Based Housing Program was developed in conjunction with the First Nations Market Housing Fund.

For more information, refer to the TTC Market Based Housing Brochure.

Renovation Assistance Program for Homeowners

The Renovation Assistance Program for Homeowners is designed to assist Elders with their home renovations and Citizens in need of Emergency repairs.

 For information, refer to the TTC Housing Handbook.

Appeal Process

You may appeal a housing decision by writing a letter to the Director of Capital and Infrasrtuctur. The Director will review the appeal with you and the Housing Committee Chair.

If you don't agree with the decision, you can then write to the TTC Executive Director explaining your reasons for the appeal. You must send the letter within thirty (30) days upon receiving the decision.

If you do not accept the decision of the Executive Director, you can submit another appeal letter to the TTC Executive Council within ten (10) days of receiving the Executive Director decision letter.

The decision of the Executive Council is FINAL.

 For information, refer to the TTC Housing Handbook.

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