Exhibitions, programming, demonstrations and workshops teach ancient skills and showcase talents and art in our world-class Heritage Centre.  The Heritage Department delivers cultural programming to Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens and to the visiting public.  Various cultural programs and workshops are offered by request and demonstrations are scheduled throughout the summer months.

Programming is intended to enrich the lives of Citizens and future generations through the preservation, teaching and reviving of traditional knowledge and Tlingit skills and artistry. 

Expressions of Teslin Tlingit culture are found in the colorful masks, carvings, paintings, beadwork, button blankets, bags and other crafts made from traditional materials and modern media that are on display at the Heritage Centre.

Assistance to Artists

The Assistance to Artists program helps Citizens to pursue careers as artists. Applications are accepted twice a year (early April and early October) and should be sent to the Director of Heritage. 
For more information and to apply

For more information see the Assistance to Artists Policy and click here for the Assistance to Artists Application Form

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