The Lands and Resources Department manages the tenure (“ownership”) of Settlement Land.

The Land Tenure Regulation sets out the process for Citizens and non-Citizens to apply for and obtain interests (allocations, leases, easements) and licences of occupation on Settlement Land.

It provides TTC, its Citizens, lenders, and others with the necessary certainty to move forward with approvals, development and investment while protecting the value of Settlement Land for present and future generations of Citizens.

Subdivision Developments

Little Teslin Lake

The first project of the Teslin Tlingit Council/Yukon Government Joint Land Development Committee was the cottage lot developments at Little Teslin Lake. This project saw a total of seven TTC lots and 18 Yukon Government lots made available for lease. Currently three TTC lots remain available to be leased. See the Little Teslin Lake Development Regulation.

Sawmill Road

Through the Teslin Tlingit Council/Yukon Government Joint Land Development Committee, TTC and the Yukon Government developed a new subdivision in the Sawmill Road area of Teslin. Currently all of the lots on the TTC side of the subdivision are allocated however there are still lots available for sale by the Yukon Government on that side of the subdivision. 

Future developments

Currently the Lands and Resources Department and other TTC departments are working on a number of ideas for new residential development on Settlement Land (in addition to future commercial and light industrial lots). 

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