The Lands and Resources Department is currently analyzing timber in the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory. Once completed, consultation will begin to develop harvest planning.

Teslin Strategic Forest Management Plan

The Teslin Strategic Forest Management Plan (SFMP - link) was co-developed by Teslin Tlingit Council and the Yukon Government, as set out in Section 17.5 of the Final Agreement. The plan was signed off in 2007.  The purpose of the Teslin SFMP is to provide a sustainable development strategy for the forests of the Teslin Tlingit Traditional Territory.  It is intended to provide a clear framework and practical guidance for forest managers and planners by establishing what issues and concerns, values and interests must be addressed as forest resource development moves forward in the region.

Timber Harvest Plan

The Lands Department is currently working with the Teslin RRC and the Government of Yukon to develop a newTimber Harvest Plan under the SFMP. The ideas have been presented at several public meetings but the draft plan will go out for public review in September 2018.  Watch for notifications from the Lands Department.     



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