The Registration Regulation is part of TTC’s internal land registry and allows for registration of documents to record interests such as allocations and leases.

Settlement Land Registration Regulation
Application for Registration of Transfer of an Allocation 
Application for Registration of an Interest or Licence Granted by TTC

Certain fees apply for Settlement Land Registration (Settlement Land Registration Regulation, 2018, c.6, s.18):

Search/Inspection $10.00
Copy of any instrument $25.00
Certified copy of a Parcel Record $25.00
Registration of instruments $250.00

The Lands Registry Office is at: TTC Lands and Resources Building in Teslin, Yukon

The Lands Registry mailing address  is: Attention: Registrar of Lands, PO Box 133 Teslin, Yukon Y0B 1B0

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Randy Keleher, TTC Lands Manager
Phone: (867) 390-2532 ext. 375

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