“Since the beginning of time, Dikée Aankáawu has made us part of the land, part of the water and part of the air,” stated former Naa Sháade Háni Richard Sidney.  “ Our ancestors have preserved and protected this sacred relationship and so we pledge to our children and our children’s children that we will continue to maintain this sacred balance for their benefit.”

Language programs are developed and available for all the Teslin Tlingit Council Citizens and the general public who wish to learn the Tlingit language. They are tailored to each student’s ability keeping in mind time constraints.


All programming provided by the TTC contains a language component to preserve the Tlingit language and its transmission to future generations. Below is a list of Teslin Tlingit language programs.

Language Classes

Language classes are scheduled regularly by the Workforce Development Department, in classroom settings or via video conferencing.

Language Resource Centre

The resource centre provides a collection of videos, books, compact discs and older cassette recordings.

Daycare Language Learning

A Tlingit language teacher supports language learning at the Dluwkat Hit Daycare in Teslin through the Headstart program.

Language Support Programs

The Workforce Development Department provides support materials for the Tlingit language programs offered at the Teslin School.

For enquiries about upcoming language classes or other language programs, contact the Language Coordinator at 867-390-2532 ext.321


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TTC passed their Language and Culture act, Lingít Yoo X’atángi ka Haa Shagóon Act, on July 12, 2017

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