Elementary Education

The Education branch of the Workforce Development Department offers programs which foster effective and culturally relevant learning for citizens attending Yukon primary schools.

Education Support Worker

The Senior Education Support Worker at the Khàtìnas.àxh (pronounced ‘Kaw keen ah sa’) Community School provides assistance and liaison for teachers, parents and the TTC government. Through this position, cultural activities at the school are promoted, including an annual Culture Camp.

Elders at the Khàtìnas.àxh Community School

Through the Workforce Development Department, two Elders provide regular guidance at the Khàtìnas.àxh (pronounced ‘Kaw keen ah sa’) Community School . Tlingit Language, stories, cultural activities, traditional knowledge and history.

High School

High School is a big step for Teslin Tlingit students who are required to attend Grades 10-12 in Whitehorse. To help them make the transition, the high school preparedness program provides students with an early introduction to what they can expect.

Attending high school is a milestone in the education of Teslin Tlingit students. For those living in Teslin and having to travel to Whitehorse, it can be challenging. The Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) provides students with support programs aimed at helping them focus on their education while keeping in touch with their culture and community.

Peer pressure can be very hard to resist when students are without the immediate support of their families. The Education Support Worker (ESW) provides valuable support to Teslin Tlingit students living away from home.

Even though the Education Support Worker is based at F.H. Collins Secondary School, any Teslin Tlingit students attending high school in Whitehorse can access the service. The Education Support Worker liaises between teachers and parents of Teslin Tlingit students. The Education Support Worker attends parent-teacher interviews on behalf of parents who cannot attend.


Tutoring is provided free of charge in every high school in Whitehorse as well as at the Khàtìnas.àxh Community School . It is available at Gadzoosdaa Student Residence and the Skookum Jim Friendship Centre. The TTC does not fund tutoring. Specialized subject tutoring (i.e. math, science, etc.) is the responsibility of parents.

School Supplies Funding

Any Teslin Tlingit citizen registered at a Yukon public school is eligible for school supply. However, the Khàtìnas.àxh (pronounced ‘Kaw keen ah sa’) Community School  receives the funding directly for school supplies.

The funding amounts are as follows:

  • Elementary School students in the Yukon (Kindergarten to Grade 9) - $50 per year.
  • High School students in the Yukon (Grade 10-12) - $65 per year.

. For more information contact 867-390-2532 ext 316.

High School Attendance Incentive

The Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) provides $40 per month to each Teslin Tlingit student attending high school outside of Teslin as an incentive for attending classes. For each class missed, $1 is subtracted.

For more information on this program and to apply, contact the Education Support Worker at the Teslin School Office (867)-390-2912 or TTC Office: 867-390-2532 ext. 321

Student Accommodation

The Teslin Tlingit Council provides funding to its Citizens who attend high school in Whitehorse to help cover the accommodation costs. Students have the option of living in private accommodation or the Gadzoosda Student Residence. Application forms are available on the Gadzoosda Student Residence website . Vist the Gadzoosda Student Residence website for more information about living there .  

TTC provides $190 per month for accommodation, and the balance is covered by the Yukon Government to a maximum of $210 per month. Any rental costs over that amount are the responsibility of the student’s family.

Shuttle Bus

TTC offers a shuttle bus service is provided to Teslin Tlingit students to be able to come home during weekends. For information on the schedule and fees, see the Shuttle Bus on TTC service page

How to Apply for TTC Education programs: Secondary School, Student residence and/or Tutoring.

Visit the Workforce Development Department or contact the Education Support Worker at the Teslin School Office: 867-390-2912 or TTC Office: 867-390-2532 ext:321

Helpful Links

These links can assist high school students and their parents

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