Elders Council - The Elders Council is composed of all Teslin Tlingit Elders aged 65 years or older. Elders have a lifetime appointment to the Elders Council.The Elders Council gives advice and direction to all other TTC government departments and is responsible for safeguarding, encouraging and instilling Teslin Tlingit heritage, culture, language and other traditions.

Youth Council - The Youth Council is constitutionally empowered by the Teslin Tlingit General Council whose function is to represent the interests of the Teslin Tlingit youth and provide advice, assistance and recommendations to all other branches of the Teslin Tlingit Council. The Youth Council consists of one (1) member appointed by each of the five clans and one Executive Council Youth representative appointed by the Youth Council.

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The government structure of the TTC incorporates traditional Teslin Tlingit Clan culture into contemporary organisational and management principles.

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