Communications & Policy

The Communications and Policy is responsible for the vast majority of Teslin Tlingit Council's (TTC) communications requirements. and  monitoring of TTC legislation and policy to ensure they conform to all appropriate legislation and are relevant to the Government. TTC ensures the efficient exchange of information internally at TTC and the imparting of information externally to Citizens, the wider public and other governments and agencies.

Implementation & Negotiations

The Implementation and Negotiations Department is responsible for monitoring and negotiating the implementation of the Final Agreement, Self-government Agreements and other negotiated agreements with the Governments of Canada and Yukon.

Negotiated Agreements

Since the signing of their Final and Self-government Agreements in 1993, the TTC has taken responsibility for many programs and services from the Government of Canada.   They cover a broad range of programs and services including health, social, culture, post-secondary education and governance.

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