Executive Council 

The nine-member Executive Council is composed of the  Naa Shaáde Háni, Executive Director, one representative from each of the five Clans, one Executive Elder appointed by the Elders Council and Executive Youth appointed by the Youth Council. Other than the Executive Elder and Executive Youth, the General Council appoints all members of the Executive Council for a four-year terms. The Executive Council meets regularly throughout the year, and oversees the laws and policies as approved by the General Council as well as executes other authorities as delegated by the General Council. The Executive Council provides the link between the legislative branch (General Council) and the administrative branch (Management Board and the Departments) of the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC). The Naa Shaáde Háni and the Executive Councillors are responsible for the political direction of the TTC.

Executive Council Members
Position Name Email 
Naa Shaáde Háni  (Chief) Richard Sidney richard.sidney@ttc-teslin.com
Executive Elder Carl Smarch carl.smarch@ttc-teslin.com
Executive Youth Shania Hogan shania.hogan@ttc-teslin.com
Kùkhhittàn Executive Councillor Sandy Smarch Sandy.Smarch@ttc-teslin.com
Ishkìtàn Executive Councillor Blair Hogan blair.hogan@ttc-teslin.com
Yanyèdí Executive Councillor Duane Aucoin Gastant@ttc-teslin.com
Dèshitàn Executive Alex Oakley Alex.Oakley@ttc-teslin.com
Dakhl’awèdí Executive Councillor (Interim) Melanie Douville kish-touk@ttc-teslin.com

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A representative from each Clan sits on the Executive Council. Five representatives of each Clan are appointed to the General Council.

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