Political Support

The political direction and management of Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) comes from the Elders Council, General Council and Executive Council. The Executive Services Department provides support to these Councils, from research and political advising to meeting logistics and communications

Intergovernmental Relations

TTC enjoys productive relationships with First Nation Governments, the Yukon Government, BC government, the Village of Teslin and the Government of Canada. TTC works collaboratively on a wide range of issues. TTC also works closely with the Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN), represented by the Chief Executive Officer and other Executive Council members at CYFN’s Leadership meetings. The Executive Services Department is committed to providing quality assistance to Executive members so that they are prepared for these meetings

Administrative Support

The Executive Services Department is responsible for providing administrative, communications and policy support to Management Board and the Departments

Management Board

Management Board is the highest administrative body in TTC. Its members include the Departmental Directors, the Executive Director and the Chief Executive Officer. Collectively, Management Board makes decisions that affect the day-to-day operations of TTC. Through the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and the communications provided by Executive Services staff, Management Board is connected to TTC’s political bodies.

Executive Services staff organize and schedule Management Board meetings, agendas and information packages. Staff also conduct required research, draft applicable briefing notes, record minutes from the meetings and communicate follow up action items.


The Executive Services Department is responsible for the monitoring of TTC legislation and policy to ensure they conform to all appropriate legislation and are relevant to the Government. Policies are reviewed and updated regularly. Executive Services staff track policy amendments, review policies for inconsistencies, and assist with the development of new policy


The Executive Services Department is responsible for the vast majority of Teslin Tlingit Council's (TTC) communications requirements. Executive Services staff ensure the efficient exchange of information internally at TTC and the imparting of information externally to Citizens, the wider public and other governments and agencies.


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